6 Things You Need to Know to Become a UI/UX Designer

To become an expert in the field of UI/UX or web design UK, one must put in years of practice. However, if you're interested in beginning a career that is both exciting and in demand, then there are certain basic things that you must be aware of. Become a UI/UX designer by understanding these six crucial in this article. 

How to Become a UI/UX Designer?

  • You should know how to Wireframe and Prototype

The first thing you should know about UI/UX design is you should know how to wireframe and prototype. The layout of a web page is shown visually in a wireframe. The first step in creating a layout is you know the User interface and user experience (UI/UX) design decisions regarding which features should be shown and which should be hidden. Moreover, you should also know as well as where and how they should be visually displayed. 

Drawing diagrams of UI components like menus, CTA buttons, and images is a requirement. After the wireframes have been approved, mockups, or early iterations of a product, are created to test a concept or procedure. 

  • You must know Coding 

UI/UX designers don't need to be experts in coding, but they should know the fundamentals of HTML and CSS and be able to make simple website changes. This is crucial because you'll probably be quickly testing and refining website features. And you'll need to be able to make small changes to the code on your own. You can work more effectively with website development services if you have coding knowledge and skills because you can produce more realistic designs and intuitively understand the limitations of software architecture. 

  • You must understand how to carry out research. 

If you work in UX and lack research skills, you should start learning immediately. 

The problem is that consumers want products that address their immediate emotional, practical, and convenient needs. However, if you don't know how to research your users, you won't know what those are. 

  • You should know how to communicate visually 

You should also know how to communicate visually to become a graphic designer. Although it's still important, visual design in UX is much more than just how a website looks and feels. For example, consider standardized UI components like the playback button. When users see these icons, they immediately recognize what they stand for and can click on them.

Lessening the need for written instructions and utilizing visual cues can help the users to know easily where they should go next. Also, knowing how to find the information they require and what other actions they can take are all components of an effective visual communication skillset. 

  • You must understand how to specify components. 

The next thing that you must know is how to specify a component. Whether you like it or not, there are many benefits to comprehending how pixels, ems, rems, and percentages translate into designs that are generated programmatically. 

UI/UX designers used to be able to get away without knowing any code at all, but this is 2022. You should be familiar with web design and HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript to specify responsive components and interactions if you want to succeed in this field.

  • You must know UX writing. 

Another thing that you should know for becoming a UI/UX designer is that you must be proficient in UX writing. User experience (UX) writing requires a specific set of skills. The words we read or hear when using a digital product are known as microcopy and are an essential part of the user experience. You can accomplish this goal with the help of strong UX writing skills. 

UX writing is a specialized field. Microcopy, the words we read or hear when using a digital product, is a key component of website navigability and the overall experience. UX writing skills can elevate your ability to design and craft a good user experience. Concise, practical, and reflective of the brand's values and tone, effective UX writing is concise.

With interaction and visual design, UX writing helps create a space where users can succeed. 


As you can see, becoming a UX/UI designer requires the development of a broad range of skills, which is exactly why it's such an exciting field. So if you are deciding to become a UI/UX designer, you must know all of the above things mentioned in the article. 

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