Peaceful Weekend Getaways Near Delhi

Looking for weekend getaways near Delhi, away from the crowd, this is a beautiful place to relax!

After all, who would not want to travel in this pleasant weather, but if you are near Delhi, then almost all the tourist places nearby will be crowded with tourists. And if you are also looking for a location that is away from the crowd of tourists and at a relaxed location, as well as a beautiful offbeat destination full of natural beauty, then today our article is for you only.

Ajmer, Rajasthan

Yes, we are going to tell you about the Foy Sagar Lake located in Ajmer, Rajasthan, which is far away from the eyes of tourists due to its distance from Ajmer City and that is why this place is still full of natural beauty. happened. So let us tell you about Foy Sagar Lake….

We were on our trip to Pushkar and from here Foy Sagar Lake is about 13 kms away where you can easily reach by following google maps. The entire way from the religious city of Pushkar to this lake is full of lush green natural scenery, which does not feel like you are driving in Rajasthan, unless you are here during the rainy season or sometime after the rainy season.

After some time we reached Foy Sagar Lake and the view of the lake from the road was not as good as we thought but from the photos seen on the internet we remembered that there is a garden like location on the banks of the lake so we just asked the people there About and then we reached Foy Sagar Lake Garden.

After parking the car here, we went inside the park and we were welcomed by the voices of countless birds and the beautiful native and foreign birds which were really more than our expectations and after going inside the park, we started seeing the lake, then we walked towards the lake. lamps.

This lakeside park was really giving a spectacular look and you rarely get to see such a place in Rajasthan. Plus it being the rainy season, the view of the lake with dark clouds above and lush green mountains in the background was truly amazing.

There we saw some people walking and some children were seen playing in the garden and some people were seen relaxing near nature by the lake. We also spent a memorable time walking for some time on the footpath built by the lake and then we went towards the umbrellas built on the other side. The place is a perfect photography location amidst these umbrellas with the backdrop of the lake and mountains.

Also, let us tell you that after spending some relaxing time here, you can book a hotel or resort in Pushkar or Ajmer to stay and tell you that there are many tourist places to visit in Pushkar and Ajmer, which you can easily visit. Can see in 2-3 days. So if you are looking for such a location, then make a plan to go there soon.

How to reach here?

To reach here, you can easily reach Ajmer city of Rajasthan from Delhi or any other city in the country, which is well connected to all the major cities of the country by rail and road. And if you are coming by air then you can come to Kishangarh Airport or Jaipur International Airport.

The distance from Jaipur to Ajmer is about 120 kms, which you can easily complete in 2 hours. Foy Sagar Lake is just 7 kms away from Ajmer bus stand where you can easily reach by taking a Delhi taxi service etc.

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