Operating a computer in an office can generate 12.5kg CO2 emissions per year...

The office PC's use produces 12.5kg CO2 emissions every year... The research was carried out by Sitebulb as part of its "climate friendly" campaign. It has been revealed that operating a PC in the office generates 12.5kg CO2 emissions every month. Sitebulb encourages frequent users of computers to think about alternatives to offset their carbon emissions.

Do you take time to consider the carbon dioxide emissions that are created when you use your computer throughout the day?

Never is likely the correct answer.

As more of us work at home or use our laptops throughout the day We're creating CO2 emissions because of this, sometimes without thinking about the environmental impact the computer use of our teams has on the environment.

In its "climate friendly" initiative, Sitebulb has released research about the environmental effects of using computers in a company. The research could reveal that:

  • A PC generates an average of 12.5kg CO2 emissions every month

  • A laptop emits an average of 3.96kg CO2 emissions per month.

To encourage businesses to be aware of the carbon emissions that their business is producing, here's the total emissions for various amounts of computers look like:

  • 10 desktop computers One desktop computer emits 125 kg of CO2 each month

  • 5 desktop computers and 5 laptops. 82.3kg monthly CO2 emission

  • 10 desktop computers and 10-laptops 164.6kg monthly CO2 emission

  • 25 , desktop computer: 312.5kg CO2 emissions each month

  • 25 laptops with 99 kg CO2 emissions per month

  • 50 desktop computers monthly: 625kg CO2 emissions per month

  • 50 laptops Each month: 198kg CO2 emissions month

What is Sitebulb's Climate Positive Campaign?


We're currently experiencing the middle of a global climate crisis and Sitebulb is convinced that companies are accountable to act on it. Like all businesses has the potential to make a difference on the environment. Their first step to become environmentally sustainable will be to make sure that their workforce is "climate friendly".

However, in order to be more than this the company has admitted that Sitebulb is the cause of more carbon footprint. The software used for auditing is utilized by SEOs all over the world. Every audit they conduct uses electricity via their computers and creates an environmental impact. This could be offset by the funding of environmental projects.

Patrick Hathaway, Co-Founder of Sitebulb Commenting:

"Gareth (our Director of Development and co-founder) is already doing a lot of work to get greater performance from the software - using less resources on your system, which means you can use it more efficiently. We've also worked on improving the auditing process, so our customers can access the data and information they require without having to gather unnecessary information."

"But this initiative goes far beyond that and states"we know that when someone uses Sitebulb it is consuming resources'. And we're aware that it has a greater impact than normal software since it's doing lots of intricate processing. Therefore, rather than estimate the precise amounts of electricity Site Bulb consumes in order to reduce the costs of using your computer to its fullest all day long for a whole year, we will be able to pay for the use of Sitebulb and more!"

Geoff Kennedy, Head of Marketing at Sitebulb Geoff Kennedy, Head of Marketing at Sitebulb, continues:

We soon realized that it was possible to go even further and incorporate it into a large portion of what we do as a company, including our marketing. If I could encourage users to test our product by planting trees, it is a lot more sensible than instead of paying for an ad in someplace."

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