7 Hidden Towns in Europe You Need To Visit on Your Next Vacation

Europe is full of hidden gems, from picturesque villages to quaint towns. While many visitors flock to the continent's major cities, there is much to be discovered in its smaller towns. One such town is Ravello, Italy. Ravello is a popular destination for artists and writers situated atop a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The town's 11th-century cathedral and 13th-century villas are among its most popular attractions. Another hidden gem is Gimmelwald, Switzerland. Nestled in the Bernese Oberland region of the Swiss Alps, Gimmelwald is a popular destination for hikers and nature lovers. With its dramatic mountain views and traditional Swiss architecture, Gimmelwald is a true slice of Alpine life. Finally, there's Rocamadour, France. Perched atop a cliff in southwestern France, Rocamadour is home to a medieval castle and several pilgrimage churches. Visitors can also take sweeping views of the Alzou canyon from the town's ancient ramparts. These are just one of the many hidden towns that Europe offers. So next time you're planning a trip to the continent, be sure to explore beyond its major cities and discover its hidden treasures.

Europe is full of hidden gems just waiting to be explored. From picturesque villages nestled in the Alps to bustling towns along the Mediterranean, there's something for everyone to enjoy. And with so many affordable flights and vacation packages available, there's no excuse to start planning your next European getaway today!

1. Riomaggiore, Italy 

Riomaggiore is one of the five villages constructing Cinque Terre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the Italian Riviera. This picturesque town is known for its colorful houses, dramatic cliffs, and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. When you're not relaxing on one of Riomaggiore's many beaches, be sure to visit the Castle of Riomaggiore, a 13th-century fortification that offers panoramic views of the town and surrounding coastline.

Riomaggiore is a picturesque village located in the Italian region of Liguria. Nestled in a sheltered cove, Riomaggiore is renowned for its dramatic cliffs, crystal-clear waters, and colorful houses. One of the five cliffside towns known collectively as the Cinque Terre, Riomaggiore has been a popular destination for centuries. Today, visitors can enjoy strolls along the waterfront, relax on one of the village's many beaches, or hike along the scenic coastal trails. So try some excitement instead of sitting in your Area Rugs room. Regardless of how you spend your time in Riomaggiore, you're sure to fall in love with this charming corner of Italy.

2. Menton, France 

Menton is a beautiful seaside town located on the French Riviera, just minutes from the border with Italy. The town is known for its sunny weather (nicknamed "the Pearl of France"), Mediterranean atmosphere, and fresh seafood. Be sure to stroll through Old Town to admire the pastel-colored houses and visit the Biovès Gardens, a 12-acre park filled with exotic plants from all over the world. And don't forget to try some of Menton's famous lemons—they're said to be the sweetest in all of France!

3. Girona, Spain 

Girona is a historic city located in northeastern Spain, about an hour's drive from Barcelona. The city is home to a well-preserved old town with winding streets and medieval architecture. Girona is also known for its amazing food scene—be sure to sample local specialties like cava (sparkling wine) and calçots (a type of grilled onion). And if you're a Game of Thrones fan, you'll be happy to know that several scenes from the show were filmed in Girona!

Girona is a city in northeastern Spain, located on the banks of the River Onyar. It is the capital of the Girona province and Catalonia region. The city has a prosperous history, dating back to the Roman era when it was known as Gerunda. In the Middle Ages, Girona was an important city for trade and commerce, and it was also a major center of learning. Today, Girona is a popular tourist destination, with its well-preserved Old Town, beautiful medieval architecture, and lively atmosphere. Visitors can explore the city's many museums and galleries, stroll through its winding streets, and sample its delicious food. Whether interested in history or simply looking for a charming place to relax, Girona is sure to delight you.

4. Sienna, Italy 

Sienna is a beautiful medieval city located in central Italy. The city is best known for its red-brick architecture and annual Palio horse race, which takes place in Siena's main square—the largest medieval square in Europe! When you're not cheering on your favorite horse at the Palio, explore Sienna's Duomo (cathedral), climb up Giotto's Campanile (bell tower), or visit one of the many art galleries and museums located throughout the city. We suggest you visit this via RugKnots Blog.

5. Lijiang, China 

Lijiang is an ancient city located in southwestern China's Yunnan Province. The city is home to a well-preserved old town filled with traditional Chinese architecture, narrow alleyways, and canals lined with stone bridges. When you're not strolling through Old Town or admiring the views from Lion Hill, visit Black Dragon Pool Park or take a cable car up Jade Dragon Snow Mountain—both are worth your time!

Lijiang is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Yunnan Province of China. The Old Town of Lijiang is especially well-preserved and is noted for its traditional Naxi architecture and scenic setting. Canals crisscross through the town, and stone bridges span them at intervals. Lijiang is also home to the Dongba culture, which is unique to the Naxi people. The Dongba religion has its roots in animism and shamanism, and Dongba priests still play an important role in Naxi life. Visitors to Lijiang can explore the Old Town, learn about Dongba culture, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Yunnan Province.

6. Rovinj, Croatia 

Rovinj is a charming coastal town located on Croatia's Istrian Peninsula. The town is known for its Venetian architecture, quaint cobblestone streets, and scenic harborfront promenade. When you're not relaxing on one of Rovinj's many beaches or exploring its old town center, be sure to visit St. Euphemia Cathedral—a Baroque church with an impressive bell tower that offers panoramic views of Rovinj and the Adriatic Sea beyond. And don't forget to try some of Rovinj's famous olive oil—some of the best in Croatia! 

7. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia 

Plitvice Lakes National Park is located about two hours from Rovinj by car. The park is home to 16 interconnected lakes connected by waterfalls and hiking trails—definitely worth a visit if you're looking for breathtaking scenery! When you're not admiring Plitvice Lakes' natural beauty or taking a dip in one of its refreshingly cool waters, explore some of Croatia's other national parks, like Krka National Park or Brijuni National Park—both are worth your time! And also explore Oriental Rugs that are available there.


Europe has so much hidden beauty just waiting to be explored! From quaint villages in the Alps to bustling towns along the Mediterranean coast, there's something for everyone to enjoy on their next European vacation. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip today!

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