Long Sleeve Or Short Sleeve – Which Is Better?

Long Sleeve Or Short Sleeve – Which Is Better?

Don’t we want to look our absolute best every day? We want to stand out from the crowd, whether summer or winter. Therefore, our wardrobe is the essence of who we are. Generally, shirts can either be long or short sleeves. However, how we wear and carry it is up to us to look unique and different.

It is always a problem for us when it comes to choosing the clothes for the day. Should I wear a short sleeve or long sleeve shirt with jeans? To save yourself from this crisis, we outline some of the features of each type of tee:

Long Sleeves Tees

If you want to dress up to the nines, then long sleeve garment is the right call. Long sleeve tees like Gildan G840 will guard you against all the harshness of the environment. Apart from shielding you from the cold weather, they make a good choice when you want to look professional. Consequently, it will make your tie stand out! Here are some of the pros and cons of this kind of tee:


  • They are ideal for layering. If you like to layer your clothes, use a long sleeve tee as the base cloth.

  • It will give you a professional look. Long-sleeved dress shirts make a good impression in your office environment.

  • It is ideal for wearing when it is freezing out there! Therefore, protect your skin and make sure not to catch the flu, and wear long sleeve tee to beat the cold.


  • It becomes uncomfortable to wear when you want to take it slow or laze around. Therefore, you would not choose it as comfort wear.

  • It adds friction. Therefore, you have more chances of accumulating moisture and sweat. Consequently, they restrict movement.

  • You cannot wear them when it is hot outside! One way or another, you would have to put away your comfy long sleeve tee and choose to wear a tank top or short sleeve tees.

Short Sleeves Tees

Short sleeve garments make ideal summer wear. You can wear them almost anywhere without a worry! Whether you want to hang out with your friends or it is movie night, casual short sleeve shirts are the right call. Of course, you can flex your muscles or tattoos by wearing it, though! Overall, they are all-inclusive garment to wear and saves you when you are in a fashion rut. Look into the following benefits and drawbacks to conclude:


  • They are an everyday staple item. A short sleeve is an option if you want to remain casual.

  • You can stay cool and casual with it. It is always in trend, and the fashion world will never get tired of it.

  • Furthermore, they do not restrict your movement, unlike their counterpart. Therefore, you can even make your short sleeve tee your gym wear!


  • As per public opinion, short sleeve shirts make the wearer look “childish”. It is that no one will take you seriously!

  • It gives you a lack of options for layering. Simply put, you will only match certain clothing items.

  • It will look odd with certain tee designs. A short sleeve collared dress shirt is a big NO when you want to look seamlessly professional. A short sleeve button-down tee might be OK to wear.

Factors To Consider

Now that we know the rule of thumb for these two types of the tee, it is time to look at when to wear it! Following are some of the factors that can impact your choice of tee:

1: Season

It all depends on the climate we are living in. Therefore, wearing out-of-season clothes will make you the odd one out! Long sleeve tees like Gildan G840 look exceptionally well and accommodate you in winter. Meanwhile, short sleeve tees make good summer wear. Consequently, follow the fashion trend that is part of the current season.

2: Occasion

Occasion matters too! You cannot strut in the office wearing a short sleeve dress shirt. And neither can you go around the beach in your long-sleeved tee. Likewise, you cannot wear short sleeve tees at your workplace. And neither can you wear long sleeve clothes when you want to go to a party. It all comes down to the event you have to attend.

3: Style

Long sleeves tend to give a slimmer and prim look. However, short sleeve tees are always in the fashion scene due to their comfortability. Consequently, you would choose a shirt that best fits your figure and makes you fashion-forward. Therefore, choose what best makes you stand out from the crowd!

4: Health

Yes, you have read it right! The choice can affect your health. And by health, we mean your allergies and rashes. If your skin gets easily irritated and is extra sensitive to the weather and pollen, then wearing a long sleeve tee is the right option. Sometimes, showing skin can cause allergies to act up as it gets into contact with the environment.

Therefore, your choice of tee will determine your overall wardrobe of the day! 

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